SANY0335.JPGThe whole school had a real treat on Friday when Expo Chef came in and created some fantastic healthy meals for us.




Our Chefs for the day were Kasia and John and they worked with the children showing them how to make delicious healthy meals.


SANY0336.JPGWe made a ‘sweet n sour’ dressing for a salad.  The salad had all kinds of tasty nibbles in such as raw parsnip, onion, pepper, rocket, cucumber and leek!  We discovered that not only can you get red, green, orange and yellow peppers, but also purple ones, though not in this country.


We made scrumptious burgers with turkey mince and 5 types of vegetables in and a gorgeous vegetable terrine. 














Not only did we cook the meals from scratch, but we were also lucky enough to taste them too!


SANY0348.JPGSANY0350.JPGSANY0341.JPGWe learnt about the importance of eating the right kinds of food and how we can make our food tastier by adding herbs and spices. 


SANY0339.JPGIt was a fantastic day and we can’t wait to see Expo Chef again!!



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