P1010005.JPGThe sun was shining on Friday morning when the staff and children  (and some brave parents) took part in our very own ‘Race for Life’ within the school grounds.



KS1 set off first, aiming to complete 3 laps of the circuit which is 1 mile (as measured out by our Year 6’s using a trundle wheel!!) however, lots of the children did so much more that just the 3 laps. 




P1010006.JPGThe teachers joined in though were so disappointed when they were beaten hands down by some children, even though they’d spent the last 3 months in training!!



SANY0503.JPGKS2 managed to complete between 6 and 9 laps, although some fit children managed 12 laps which was nearly 4 miles!!!  WOW!!!  KS1 came out to cheer the older boys and girls on and Year 1 decided to do an extra 3 laps just for fun!!!




SANY0505.JPGA huge thank you must be said to the ‘buddies’ who acted as marshalls for the KS1 race and gave the younger children lots of encouragement.



SANY0508.JPGThe charity run has raised just over £300 which will be spilt between Miss Mitchell, Miss Sinclair, Mrs Holden, Mrs Eglington and Mrs Brooks who are taking part in the actual Race for Life on Sunday at Saltwell Park at 11am. 





Thank you so much to all the parents and carers who have made a donation, we really appreciate your support for this worthwhile cause.



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