On Friday, Clover Hill hosted their second ‘Around the World’ day.  Last year’s event was such a success, we thought we would pack our suitcases, hop aboard a plane and fly off to pastures new!


SANY0230.JPGThere were many different countries to visit:  The Reception classroom had been transformed into The Bahamas, Year 1 classroom was all things Italian, Year 2 was decorated in oriental blossom from China, Year 3’s classroom was ‘back in the USA’ while the Year 4 classroom had been revamped into a Japanese haven.

Year 5 went on a Kenyan safari and Year 6 had travelled ‘down under to Australia – ‘G’day mate’!!


SANY0231.JPGThe children were organised into airlines, with a mixture of children from Reception class up to Year 6 in each group.

They spent an hour in each country throughout the day, learning basic facts, phrases, history, art and culture and sampling some of that country’s delicacies. 

Every time they left a country, they had to complete their passport, detailing the country’s flag, capital city, and what they liked about that country best.










Year 1 made and ate bruschetta with olives and drank grape juice!

It was an amazing day, we were exhausted after all that travelling, however, we are now looking forward to next year’s expedition! 



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