The Eco School Council are delighted and proud to annouce that we have officially been awarded the prestigious Eco School Green Flag for the second time in a row.

The Eco Schools Assessor came into school on Friday, met with the Energy Busters and looked at everything we have been doing over the past two years to make our world a greener place.

Here is a summary of our fantastic achievements over the past 2 years:

Eco School Task Group Update: February 2012

**  The Eco School Task group have worked alongside the School Association and raised funds for a shade sail for the playground.  The idea is that this will provide more shaded areas for the children in the Summer months.


**  We have applied for and been successful in our bid to become a ‘Bike It’ school.  Only a handful of schools in Gateshead have been selected and we will be meeting up with our ‘Bike it’ officer later this month to begin to plan ideas and events to involve the whole school community in cycling initiatives.  We will also be working together to educate our school community in basic bike maintenance and safety.


**  The Eco School Council continue to do a fantastic job, ensuring thermostats are turned down and switching off the electrical items not in use.  We are hoping to have reduced our CO2 emissions even further this year when we receive our energy statement. 


**  The Eco School Council carry out a litter pick once a week, ensuring the school grounds are kept litter free and tidy.


**  The children in each class have planted vegetables and looked after them whilst they grew,  This year we also designed and grew flowers in the second raised bed.  We were awarded 2nd prize in the Whickham in Bloom competition and came 3rd overall in the Northumbria in Bloom event.


**  The Eco School Council worked together with the school cook, Mrs Irving and were awarded the Food for Life bronze award in recognition of the high quality and healthy food prepared and eaten on site.


**  We continue to use our  water butt to collect rainwater which is used to water our crops and plants and each class use their own re cycling tub to recycle their paper waste.


**  We  continue  to use our  Energy Meter and monitor energy use at particular times of the day and the Council Energy team email us weekly print outs of this data in the form of a line graph.  The Eco School Council have found it fascinating studying these graphs and trying to work out reasons why the graph changes at particular times of the day.

**  We have applied to become involved in Northumbria in Bloom- Growing Together 2012 competition.  We have asked for parents/carers to volunteer to work with the children to grown plants (fruit/vegetables/flowers).  We will be assessed in June.


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