A team of volunteers from the Coco charity worked in Clover Hill on 1st May. They delivered assemblies and workshops to all of our children. It was a fun and exciting day as our children found out about the work the charity did in Tanzania. Clover Hill has been linked with the village of Nkwawangya, located in the foothills of Kilimanjaro.The charity has made many improvements to Nkwawangya Primary school such as- new toilets, a new classroom and a fresh water well. Their next project is to build a basic dining room where the pupils will be able to eat their lunch in more comfort- away from the rain. We have promised to help with this project and our children have thought of lots of fund raising ideas. The workshops included activities such as:

Rights of the Child,

African Maths Games,

Finding out about what life is really like for a child in Tanzania.

It was a very interesting day, I hope your child was able to tell you about the activities they enjoyed and all of the new pieces of information that they had found out

Our school council will be consulting with the rest of the school to set up a fund raising project to support the primary school in Nkwawangya.

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