It was a very wet and windy morning…..

P1010998.JPG…… But a little (or a lot) of rain wasn’t going to put Year 5 off.  We were suited and booted up and boarded our coach: Destination – Gibside Estate.

P1010996.JPGWe were met by Melanie and her team (at this point the rain got even heavier) but there were absolutely no complaints from the children.

Our first activity was to create our own map of the estate using natural objects to represent buildings, trees and fields.  We worked in groups and then had to explain our map to the rest of the class.

        P1020001.JPG    P1020002.JPG      P1020005.JPG


It was at this point an angel wearing pink wellingtons appeared… in the form of Mrs Easton clutching a bag of Cadbury’s Freddos!!  Just what we needed to pick us up and restore a bit of warmth to our bodies!!

      Our next team task was orienteering…. not Mrs Holden’s forte, we soon discovered!!  Each group started at a different point, with a goal of reading a map and orientating it to locate clues around the estate. 

We met back at the stables and pieced together the clues.  The clues spelt out George Bowes MP, who we discovered was a local member of parliament and was the founder of Gibside Estate.  We learnt lots about him.

    P1020006.JPG  P1020007.JPG  P1020008.JPG


We had lunch at the stables and oh, how Year 5 loved the playcastle and dressing up in farm animal costumes!!!  Mrs Easton had another surprise for us here, hot chocolate and delicious homemade biscuits.  How good was that??!

P1020011.JPGAfter lunch, it was off to the woods for den building.  The rain had finally stopped and the sun had even begun to shine!!  We worked in teams to make a shelter using branches, leaves, twigs and stones. 

Some dens even had coat hangers and seats inside!!  Unfortunately they didn’t have Sky TV although 1 den did have a satellite dish in preparation!!

Picture 003.jpg    Picture 006.jpg    Picture 004.jpg    Picture 005.jpg     Picture 007.jpg    Picture 008.jpg

Picture 009.jpg    Picture 010.jpg    Picture 011.jpg

Picture 015.jpg    Picture 016.jpg    Picture 017.jpg

Picture 018.jpg    Picture 019.jpg    Picture 020.jpg

Picture 021.jpg

 We had a long walk back to the coach around the woodland, looking at all the natural features and habitats there.

P1020016.JPGAlthough the day started off extremely wet, it was agreed by everyone that it had been an absolutely amazing day which we had all enjoyed. 

 Mrs Holden was so pleased with the excellent behaviour,  team work and good manners of the children in Year 5 and was proud to be their teacher for the day.

Picture 023.jpgA huge thank you to the parents who helped out on our visit – to Mrs Sefton, Mrs Kelly (our school governor) and to Mrs Jepson.  We really appreciate your support!

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