The main focus of our work during the spring term is Barnaby Bear and his adventures and experiences when he visits Brazil.  We will be engaged in the following activities in each subject area…


  • Geography – Investigating journeys to Brazil, using simple maps, comparing daily lives and homes of children in the UK and Brazil, introduction to deforestation
  • Science – Rainforest plants and animals, investigating the conditions required for plant growth
  • Design and Technology – Designing and making modes of transport and carnival masks
  • Art – Observational drawings of plants, animals and Brazilian landscapes
  • Music – Brazilian music – pulse and rhythm
  • ICT- Using the internet to research, developing word processing skills
  • R.E. – Stories from the Bible, Easter
  • PSHE – Going for Goals, Good to be me! The rights of the child
  • PE – Multi-skills, dance and gymnastics
  • French – Greetings, introductions, counting


In Literacy we will be focussing on stories about fantasy worlds, poetry, information texts and writing instructions.  In mathematics we will be counting, partitioning numbers and learning number facts.  We will be appreciating and understanding shape and measures, handling data and looking at time.  We are aiming to develop confidence when solving problems including addition, subtraction and simple multiplication and division.

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