We began our special week today,  looking at learning about and learning through our local environment.  We had a special visitor to help us today, Susan Reece, who works as a volunteer with the National Trust at Gibside.  It turns out she was an expert at building mouse houses!!! Thank you so much for your help today Susan!

We have so many fantastic activities planned all week and are praying for the sun to come out… or at the very least, for it to stay dry!

Today began with an Eco themed treasure hunt – a huge thank you to Rowan’s mum for coming to help out with that!


After that, we made special promises about how we can care for and look after our world.  we have displayed them in our classroom to remind us and help us keep the promises we made.

Next, it was measuring outdoors – finding objects in the playground to measure using our handspan.  Some of us even managed the challenge of measuring with a metre stick! WOW!

Finally, we planned, designed and made a house for a mouse using materials found in our school grounds.



Throughout the day, there have been lots of little tasks for us to complete on our own too. We have been sorting a variety of natural objects into different groups using a Carroll diagram, designing and making our own outdoor games to play and also measuring the playground using strides!!!



We are keeping a special diary about Environment Week as we want to remember all the super things we have done and learnt.  Every day we will write in our diary and will keep you updated with the latest adventures in Year 1!

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