I am looking to set up and establish a new task group at Clover Hill. The School Grounds Team (SGT) will assist Mr Bannister and look after our school and grounds. The main jobs that need to be carried out are:
– Watering the plants in the raised beds around the school
– Keeping the raised beds and planters free from weeds
– Picking up litter
– Keeping our school grounds looking great
I am looking for three Year 6 children to become ‘young leaders’ and set up and organise and lead this team.
– Your first job will be to lead an assembly and advertise the SGT. We will be looking for 12 children from Y2 up to Y6 to join our team.
– They will have to ask for and complete an application form and then be interviewed by you, the SGT leaders. You will decide who to choose for the team.
– Choose and order resources you might need
– You will organise a weekly meeting to allocate jobs which must be recorded in the SGT file so we can keep a record of the work completed and by whom. You decide when and where the meetings will be held and on which day the jobs are to be done each week. At this meeting you can discuss ideas for other ways to improve and maintain our school grounds.
– You need to highlight any issues or suggestions you might find regarding our school grounds to myself or Mr Bannister
– Meet each half term with Mrs Easton and Mr Bannister to discuss any issues or any jobs they would like you to do
If you would like to apply for this position, please explain in writing why you would like the job and what you feel you could bring to the role.   Applications to Mrs Holden must be received by Wednesday 11th September.
I look forward to hearing from you. Good Luck!
Mrs Holden

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