Year 5 have had an amazing day at St Nicholas Cathedral in Newcastle today.We have all learned so much about the Cathedral, its history and its importance as a Christian place of worship. We also had the opportunity to sing with the choir master who taught us how to sing just like the cathedral choir the hymn “The Lord is my Sheperd”. After we had practised upstairs in the choir room, we performed in the Cathedral itself, accomplanied by the organ! Brilliant! In the afternoon the children had the chance to design and make their own icon picture and a stained glass window design too. Finally the children listened thoughtfully and respectfully to a Bible story told in the style of a ‘Godly Play’. This gave us lots of opportunities to ‘think’ and to ‘wonder’.

The staff and volunteers at the Cathedral complimented the behaviour and questioning skills of our children and Canon Stephen said how sensible and mature they had been throughout the day. Thank you also to Mr Bannister, Mrs Wallace and Mrs Warneford for giving up their time to come with us. Here are some photographs from the day.

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