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This week, the whole school had a special assembly all about the history of Newcastle United. Did you know that Newcastle United only formed after two football teams merged together? There used to be a football team in the East End of the city and another one in the West End. When the football team in the East End ran out of money, they decided the only way they could keep going was to mix their best players with the other team and in 1892, Newcastle United was born.

KS2 took part in workshops to learn more about the club’s history, looking at many of the shirts from the last 100 years and holding some of the football boots the players used to play in. The football used now is very different to the one used around the time of First World War.

Many thanks go to the Education Team at Newcastle United for coming to visit Clover Hill and inspiring us to follow in the footsteps of the NUFC players.

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