Today, Reception came to school in warm, comfortable clothes and wellies ready to head into the woods for a minibeast hunt. We got into pairs and followed Mrs Burns up the hill and into the woods. We really enjoyed ourselves and founds lots of creatures. Mrs Farnaby and Mrs Burns have even come up with some super ideas about further adventures we can have in the woods…..

class photo DSC02317 DSC02316 DSC02310 DSC02309 DSC02307 DSC02306 DSC02305 DSC02304 DSC02303 DSC02302 DSC02301 DSC02300 DSC02299 DSC02298 DSC02297 DSC02296 DSC02295 DSC02294 DSC02293 DSC02292 DSC02289 DSC02288 DSC02287 DSC02286 DSC02285 DSC02284 DSC02283 DSC02281 DSC02280 DSC02278 DSC02277 DSC02271

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