Overwhelmed and completely humbled by my visit to Uganda. I met so many inspirational people whilst I was there. So many ideas for developing our partnership with Ngetta Boys Primary School and King Soloman’s Primary School. 

The future is most certainly bright!

My ‘crew’ for the weekend! Year 11 students from Whickham School. Amazing group of 16 year olds who had an unbelievable experience in Uganda. They were a credit to their parents, their teachers and their school.


King Soloman’s Primary School. No electricity or running water. Water is collected from a waterhole three miles away and carried back to school. Until this school was formed, there was no education in this area at all.  
Mrs Regina Betty Okwir, headteacher of Ngetta Boys Primary School and Director of King Soloman’s Primary School.    
The school first began under this tree.


Pupils wash dishes after their meals.

A typical classroom at King Soloman. Very different to our own at Clover Hill.

A baby lay in the corner of a classroom on blankets, happily kicking while his mother was teaching her class!

We got the most amazing welcome at Ngetta Boys Primary. Completely took our breath away.  

Lango College – same standard of classrooms as the primary schools we visited – no technology, just very basic equipment.


In each of the primary school we visited we saw how little they had in terms of resources and technology compared to the UK however the standards of work produced and attitude towards learning was outstanding. They were so well mannered, so keen to learn and so proud of their books. We could all learn a lot from these children and teachers!          

Look at these books!

   Year 1 child

Year 8 boy  


St Katherine’s Girls School performing at the sports festival organised by Lango College and Whickham School’s young sports leaders.  


Some of the homes the town children live in.


Homes for the children in the villages outside of Lira. They walk barefoot up to 3 miles each day just to get to school.


This was one of the ‘nicer’ toilets on offer!! Think how different it is to our lovely toilets… Let’s make sure we look after them please!!

I have so many photos and so many stories to share, I can’t wait until September to tell you all about it!!

I would love at some point to go back and have so many plans for the future. 

A huge thank you must go to my colleagues at school who supported me in so many ways which enabled me to be able to go on this incredible, life changing journey and also to Mrs Easton and our governors who knew how important this was to me and made it possible for me to go. 

I cannot tell you how much I will cherish my time over in Uganda.

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