In Reception, we really look forward to Fridays because we come to school in old, warm clothes and spend a large part of the day outside. Here are some photographs of us in the local woods; if you look carefully, you might spot the Gruffalo letter we found during our first visit.

img_0613 img_0515 img_0513 img_0507 img_0506 img_0376 img_0370 img_0371 img_0372 img_0369 img_0368 img_0366 img_0362 img_0363 img_0352 img_0348 img_0342 img_0336 img_0339 img_0341 img_0335 img_0333 img_0329 img_0324 img_0326 img_0327 img_0319 img_0321 img_0322 img_0317 img_0318

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