At Clover Hill we endeavour to educate our children about how to keep safe. In the changing technological world, this undoubtedly involves how to use the internet, mobile phones and gaming in a safe and sensible manner.

Children should be the correct age to use social networking sites and their account history and phone message records should be checked regularly by an adult. Children need to have clear boundaries for using IT, they need to have regular reminders that the online world is an important part of the real world. They should think twice before making comments by text or online. Children can be more reckless with unkind or inappropriate comments and photographs online and not fully comprehend the seriousness of their comments or actions. Children need to remember there is always an evidence trail.

Gaming is another area of IT that needs to be carefully monitored and managed. Games need to be age appropriate PlayStation and X Box games are given a restricted age for a reason.

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