Year 4 visited Segedunum today to support their work on The Romans. We began with a climb up lots of steps to the viewing tower, which looks out over the whole site. We used our plans to locate and identify the different parts of the fort site and discussed what each building would have been used for.

Then we walked through the site to visit the replica section of the Roman Wall to get an idea of the size and scale of the original wall.

Next we visited the museum and collected lots of facts and information about life in Roman times, in and around the fort

After lunch we met a lady called Alina who told us all about life as a soldier during our special workshop. She taught us how to look after our kit and how to march like a proper legion. We got the chance to hold lots of weapons and try on many pieces of kit. Mr Freeman ‘volunteered’ to dress up as a real Roman soldier!

We all had a wonderful day and learnt many new things too.

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