Well, after weeks of waiting, the day of our very first Fresh Air Friday arrived and we were all very excited! We knew that our grown-ups were coming in for lunch too so today was going to be even more special!

First, we put our coats and wellies on and went for a walk around our enormous school grounds. Mrs Burns had read us a story about a mole so we went hunting for mole -hills. We didn’t find any around school but we did see a number of small holes that may have been created by an animal.

When we looked through the green gate, we saw what looked like mole hills on the field outside of school so decided to investigate after lunch.

At 1pm, after we had said goodbye to our visitors, we set off out of the front door and headed in the direction of where we had seen those mole hills. On the way, we saw hoof prints and tractor tyre marks and lots of mole hills!

We then headed into the woods where we saw (and threw!) lots of Autumn leaves; talked about the changes to the trees in Autumn and talked about the roots of the trees and the important jobs they do before setting off back to school ready for home time.

Mrs Farnaby and Mrs Burns were so proud of our grown up and sensible behaviour and superb listening that they said we can go another little walk very soon.

Here are some photographs from our first Fresh Air Friday:







We listened carefully to the rules about keeping safe whilst out of school.

What a beautiful golden leaf!

We wondered what had made this hole int he fence.

We thought an animal might have squeezed under the fence here…

…and here!

We thought we could see mole hills on the other side of the school fence.

So, after lunch, we got our wellies back on to head out on another search.

Lots of us managed to change our shoes independently.

Ready to go!

whilst out of school, we walk to a crocodile with our partners.

A quick pause to run down a hill… had to be done!

A quick pause to run down a hill… had to be done!

A quick pause to run down a hill… had to be done!

A quick pause to run down a hill… had to be done!

We spotted hoof prints.

We spotted tyre tracks.

And, eventually, we found some mole hills!

We walked so sensibly into the woods, holding our partner’s hand.

What a lovely bunch!

We spotted some leaves starting to change colour and decided to come back in a week or two to see how they have changed.

Could not resist!


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