The boys and girls in Reception love to play with the Mobilo and use it to create the most ingenious models and structures. It is a firm favourite and used all day, every day and so you can imagine our horror when we discovered that it was missing!

All day on Thursday, we had to manage without it but it helped us to use alternative resources for our wonderful creations. We decided on Friday morning that maybe we ought to write letters to the naughty elves to ask for our Mobilo back. We worked together to think what we wanted to say and then some very enthusiastic writers decided to have a go at writing their own letters.

Here are two of the super letters we wrote:


When we came back into the classroom after lunch, we discovered that our letters had gone and, in their place, was a letter from the naughty elves setting us a challenge. We needed to wrap up warm and head out to find some jigsaw pieces and solve the puzzle to find the clue that told us where to find our Mobilo.

You will be pleased to hear that we all worked well as a team and managed to solve the puzzle; read the clue and find our favourite toy. Hooray!

Here are some photographs of our super detective work:

We found a letter from the naughty elves setting us our challenge.

So we got wrapped up and set off.


“Mrs Farnaby, we have found some clues: footprints that were this big!”

We looked everywhere for the puzzle pieces…

..and, eventually found our first piece of the puzzle: the letter ‘d’.

Soon after that, the next clue was spotted: the letter ‘o’.

Closely followed by ‘n’.

When we found the ‘p’, we knew we had all the information we needed. The only thing left to do was make the word that would lead us to our Mobilo.

We tried the letters in many different orders…

..until we found one that made sense: the Mobilo was hidden by the school pond!

We went straight to get the keys to the Conservation Area and headed for the pond and there was our Mobilo!



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