We all missed Fresh Air Friday in the run up to the Christmas holidays so everyone was very excited to get back into it today.

We decided to stay near to school today and take advantage of our beautiful school grounds.

We started off at the willow tunnel and spotted a very early pussy willow. Lots of us enjoyed touching it because it was very soft and furry.


Then we played Follow My Leader through the willow tunnel.



One eagle-eye’d nature detective spotted a piece of holly on the ground and was able to identify it from the shape of its leaf. She has obviously been listening very carefully during our walks.

Not long after that, one of our super keen readers spotted this week’s sound on a sign; ‘ch’ for cherry!

Before going back inside, we had time to use some of the PE equipment. Look at our amazing skills!

We were very excited to see the Year 5 children joining us on the yard; even more so when they kindly offered to help us!

Thank you Year 5!

Same time next week?


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