Today, Year 1 began their first day trialling ‘The daily mile.’ To complete the task, the children had to take on 10 laps of the school yard. Some chose to run, others chose to jog, walk and skip but all members of the class managed to complete the challenge and a very proud finish line smile! At the end, we recorded how we were feeling in our daily mile log.

After trialling the activity for a week, Year 1 will be sharing their expertise with the rest of the school in their own promotion videos (coming soon), sharing information on how to get started, reasons for taking part and helpful tips.

The government recommends that all children should be active for at least 60 minutes everyday. 30 minutes of exercise a day should be provided by schools.

Running 1 mile a day at school, as well as PE lessons and adult led lunch time sports activities ensures that Clover Hill provides the recommended 30 minutes of exercise for all children every day promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

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