What a brilliant day! To support our work on the local history topic of Newcastle, we visited the keep and black gate today. We had a tour of the grounds and the keep during the morning and were told lots of interesting facts by our guides. We were shown the old dungeon, the chapel and the Great Hall then taken up steep winding staircases to the very top of the keep where the view was amazing.

During the afternoon we helped to create a drama based on Newcastle through the ages, from Roman times up to the Great Fire of Newcastle in 1854. Lots of us got to take part in the dressing up which made history so much fun.

Take a look at some of the photographs from our fantastic day

Meet the Roman Emperor.


At the very top!

History through drama.

Reporting our findings!

View from the top


Standing around the dungeon

Sitting in the Great Hall.

Arriving at the Black Gate.

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