Clover Hill Primary School – Year 5   – Autumn 2018   

Dear Parents/Carers

Our work this half term will be based around the topic of World War II; we will studying countries in Europe and learning about events that took place during this period in time.   This will include a visit to Eden Camp (see attached letter).

We will also be engaged in the following activities in each subject area:

English:  We will be using the topic of World War II to develop our writing skills. We will be writing diaries using extracts from Anne Frank’s Diary and writing factual stories using The Lion and the Unicorn, Friend or Foe, and Goodnight Mr. Tom. In addition, we will also be using non-fiction sources to produce newspaper articles and instructions.

Science: Important scientists and inventors such as David Attenborough and Leonardo Da Vinci.              Forces.

RE: Judaism: Aspects of life and the beliefs of Jewish people including festivals such as Sukkot, the Jewish Harvest festival.

Art: Self-portraits,    WW2 art.   L.S. Lowry

French: Numbers to 50. Introducing ourselves. Developing reading and writing skills.

Music: Cyclic Patterns and World War II songs.

P.E: Football with NUFC coaches, outdoor problem solving and gymnastics.

Computing: Using Microsoft Word and developing programming skills.   

Design Technology – Gears and pulleys (link to science work on forces), ‘Make do and Mend’ – a project developing sewing skills (children will need to bring old piece of clothing/material to complete their design) and cooking with a WW2 ration shopping list.

Homework will be given out on a Friday to be completed for the following Monday.  All loose sheets must be stuck into the homework book.  The children will be given a reading journal and will have set chapters to read and a short synopsis of these chapters to write for the following week.  They will be given their group’s reading journal day in due course.

Spellings will be given out on a Friday to learn for the test on the following Friday.  We will be working on the spelling patterns throughout the week to support the practise at home.

Times TablesWe will be revisiting previously learnt multiplication tables and learning new ones.  It is crucial the children have their table facts embedded in Year 5 before moving into Year 6.  They need to have instant recall of table facts in any order and the corresponding division facts.

PE will be on a Tuesday and Thursday.  Kit (including trainers) should be brought into school and left for the half term.

We are supported Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings by Mrs Warneford.

I’m really looking forward to working with the children in Year 5 – it will be lovely to see how much they’ve grown and changed since our time together in Year 1.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch, should you ever have any questions or concerns regarding your child.  My door is always open.

Yours truly

Mrs Ailsa Holden

Deputy Head Teacher

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