This was a day that was much anticipated in Reception class….our first school lunch!

Earlier in the week, everyone looked at the menu and made their choices ready for today. Then, at 11.45, we washed our hands, put our lunch bands on our wrists ready for our Buddies to arrive to escort us to the hall. Our Buddies collected us one by one and took us to line up in the hall. When it was our turn to go into the kitchen, we collected our meals and came into the hall to find a seat. As usual, our buddies were on hand to help us make our choices at the salad bar; choose a drink; carry our plate to the table and cut up our food. Then, after lunch, it was time to go home so our Buddies helped us get our coats on ready to go out for our grown ups.

This is going to turn out to be a favourite part of the school day!

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