Year 4 have spent a lovely day at Segedunum today, finding out all about what life for a soldier living on the fort was like almost 2000 years ago.

We looked at the site from the viewing tower, then went down onto ground level for a closer view. We walked to the replica Hadrian’s Wall to give us an idea of the original size of the structure. We climbed the wall and looked out from the top.

Next, we looked around the museum which is set out as different parts of the fort. This gave us a really good idea of what the fort would have been like.

After lunch, we had a workshop which taught us all about a soldier’s life in the Roman army. We had to march, chant our oath and learn all about our kit and how to care for it. We got to handle lots of replica clothes and weapons and learn to march with shields too.

Take a look at some photographs from our wonderful day.


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