Over the last few weeks, in Fresh Air Friday, the children in Reception have been learning about trees.

We have learned the names for the parts of a tree and the important role that each part of a tree plays in keeping it healthy. We have taken bark rubbings and learned that, each year, a tree grows a new layer just under the bark. We thought that maybe the oldest trees in our grounds have got the widest trunks and decided to measure the width of each of the trees growing around our school.

We each chose a partner and collected a length of string and a pen. Then, once we were wrapped up warmly, we headed outside to measure some tree trunks. Each pair worked together to choose a tree and wrap our string around the trunk, marking with a pen where the two ends met. We then called for our teachers who came over to cut the string on the pen mark with sharp scissors.

Once we got back into the classroom, the real Maths started! We used cubes to measure how long our cut piece of string was. Mrs Farnaby and Mrs Earl heard some great counting, sometimes beyond 20! Once we had worked out the length, in cubes, of our string, we all got together to place our strings in order of length and practised used great Maths vocabulary, such as longer, shorter, longest, shorter, difference and equal. Here are some photographs of us hard at work:

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