Clover Hill Primary School:  Year 5 Spring 2019

Dear Parents

Happy New Year! I hope you have all enjoyed the Christmas break and are eager to get back into a routine of normality!!  Thank you so much for the lovely gifts you gave us at Christmas –  we felt truly humbled by your generosity.

We have a very full Spring term ahead in Year 5.  The topics are:

English: The Railway Children & Scandinavia: We will be reading the classic novel the Railway Children and our writing will be linked to our Geography topic: Scandinavia.

Maths: We will cover a range of topics and develop a number of skills and calculation methods. We will begin with revision of place value and the number system, calculate the area and perimeter of shapes and develop our knowledge of fractions, decimals and percentages. The children will continue to develop their problem solving skills and there will be regular multiplication tests.

Science: Earth and Beyond: Studying the Solar System and addressing misconceptions about the relationship between the Earth, Moon, and Sun

Properties and Changes of Materials: We will also be looking at reversible and irreversible changes in materials

History: The Vikings and Anglo Saxons: How life changed in Britain following the invasion of the Vikings

Geography: Scandinavian landscape, culture and climate

R.E: Christianity – The Bible

P.E: Dance (Thursdays).  We will be offering bike-ability classes which will run for 6 weeks. A permission letter will follow at a later date.

Music: Out of Space

French: Speaking, listening and writing – numbers to 100, days of week, months of year, introducing myself and my family

Computing: Design a program for others to play

Art: Designing a planet and making origami stars

Picasso – recreating famous Picasso masterpieces

Design and Technology: Bread: Tasting different types of bread and designing their own

Homework will be set on Friday and returned on Monday.

Spelling/Multiplication tests: Friday

Children will have their reading journals returned to them this week and will be asked to complete a task each week.  They have chosen their group book; I hope they will enjoy them.

As always, our door is always open. Many thanks for your continued support – we really do appreciate it.

Mrs Holden & Miss Urwin

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