Year 4 spent today visiting the keep in the heart of Newcastle, as part of our local history topic on the growth of Newcastle and how the city has changed over time. During the morning, we were given a tour of the old castle and its grounds around the Black Gate and the Keep. Our guides told us so much about the building and how it was built to keep the enemy out. Even though the sun was shining, the keep was really cold because of its thick walls and small windows. We climbed a steep spiral staircase right to the roof and looked out across the city – what an amazing view!

During the afternoon, we had a workshop session which helped to explain the history and changes Newcastle has gone through as we travelled through time. We got to handle artefacts from many or the eras along the timeline which have been found in and around the city. We all had a brilliant day and learnt so much in a really fun way.

Well done everyone and a special thank you to our friend Kirsty for helping out today. Sorry we put you in the pillory!

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