Another busy time for year 4 today!

We began our day with an art and design workshop at The Baltic Art Centre. We were taken to the viewing gallery on level 5, where we made sketches of one of the bridges across the Tyne. Next, we had to create another sketch of a different bridge using a line drawing technique, which meant we couldn’t take our pencil off the paper! Tricky. Finally, we had to draw a bridge from memory AND draw it with our eyes closed. All really good fun. 

After these warm up drawings, we were challenged to create our own bridges from card, paper and tape. We worked in small groups and came up with some amazing designs. Take a look at some of the photos from our day.


After a picnic lunch, we headed next door to The Sage for our Spring Sing concert. We met lots of other schools who were all taking part too. We sang our hearts out and thoroughly enjoyed this brilliant event. We look forward to sharing some of our favourite songs with parents during our class assembly in a couple of weeks time.


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