Mrs Butler heard a rumour that children in Reception were learning about Kenya and so very kindly brought in some photographs and artefacts from her African safari holiday a few years ago. Mrs Butler told all about meeting some ladies from the Masai Mara and being invited into their homes with a special dance. She showed us the Chief Stick that was given to her as a present from the Chief of the tribe she visited and the decorated pot made of alabaster that was made especially for her. Mrs Butler also showed us the fire stick that was given to her and demonstrated how it is used to make fires to keep warm and cook food. We saw photographs of lions, giraffes and elephants that roamed free next to Mrs Butler’s camp and heard about a huge flock of flamingos coming to the watering hole nearby. There were many wide eyes from the children when she told us about hearing lions coming past her tent during the night and having to get into the bus quickly when a rhino started heading for her!

Thank you very much, Mrs Butler!


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