In order to complete a very successful term in style, we invited our teddies into Reception class today to join us for Fresh Air Friday. We took a special teddy register and then our teddies joined us for Busy Jobs in the classroom. We gave them rides on the bikes and scooters; made cars for them out of Mobilo and drew pictures of them in the Creative Area. After playtime, we visited the school library and took our teddies along with us for a story. We then had an idea that it might be nice for Mrs Butler’s enormous teddy, Clarence, to join us for this afternoon’s picnic so a very thoughtful member of our class wrote him an invitation and took it along to the office. Mrs Butler said that Clarence would love to come and went to collect home from the staff room.

We decided to leave our visitors in the classroom during lunchtime to keep them safe but when we came back into class, we discovered that they were having their very own phonics lesson! Clarence was sitting on Mrs Farnaby’s chair and our teddies were sitting in our magic spots!

After lunch, it was time for our teddy bears’ picnic so we collected our furry friends, our drinks and a crate to sit on and set off on to the school field. It was very windy but we had a lovely time, singing songs and eating our picnic before getting the parachute out and playing some games.

Once back in the classroom, we had just enough time to collect our belongings and give Mrs Earl the card we had made to say thank you for all of her hard work before our grown ups arrived to take everyone home for the Easter holidays. Phew! Another busy day in Reception!

We think our teddies enjoyed being Clover Hill pupils today and we are pleased to report that they were very well behaved.



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