At Clover Hill, we try to provide as many links as possible with different local sports clubs in the hope that our children will develop their love and enthusiasm for sport outside of school too. At the moment we have links with Kensho Karate, NUFC, Blaydon Tennis Club, Kelly’s Irish Dancing, Whickham Cricket Club and Destination Judo, who have all provided taster sessions, assemblies, after school clubs and coaching within our school grounds in the hope that children will continue their sporting journey with their clubs.

One of our most successful links is with Newcastle United foundation. Our Coach Shayan has worked in school for around 4 years now and knows our children very well. He provides new and exciting sessions each week and each class take turns to work with him over the year. He provides all sorts of sports and fitness classes, not just football.

As well as this, he gets involves with school life, delivering assemblies to inspire our children and running his own after school club for children who’d like to continue their sessions after school. He also runs half term football camps which are offered to our children.

Our Year 5 and 6 worked along side staff from NUFC to complete the Onside program which tackles discrimination and uses football to promote awareness of equality and diversity.

We love working with NUFC at Clover Hill! Take a look at some of the pictures from Year 1’s session this afternoon….


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