Curriculum by Year/Subject/Term

All pupils at Clover Hill Community Primary School have access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, differentiated to meet individual needs. We pride ourselves on enriching the curriculum with first hand experiences, visits and visitors.

Please contact us should you require any further information about the curriculum at Clover Hill school.


Curriculum Updates

World Book Day in Y6

What a busy day we've had!  Firstly, Mrs Farnaby came and read to us an amazing non fiction text about people surviving in extreme conditions, which fitted perfectly with our topic 'our extreme world'.  Then Mrs Burns worked with us, helping us make fantasy...

Year 6 maths-art!!

Year 6 are enjoying some light relief from their studies with some parabolic curve stitching. Gorgeous colours complementing the children's fabulous designs.                

Year 4 Fitness!

Year 4's fitness was put to the test yesterday when we went to Whickham School to take part in a fitness festival. All of the other Whickham schools were there too and many of us spotted friends who were there representing their schools. We had a very busy time...

Year 6 Short Circuit!

Year 6 have had a fun afternoon investigating 'series circuits' and 'parallel circuits'. They have discovered how to make a bulb brighter and dimmer, how to make a buzzer louder and how to power and control a motor using a switch.    ...

Year 6 Spring Overview

Year Six – Spring Term 2016 Our topic this term is ‘Our Extreme World’. We will be looking at the significance of latitude and longitude, Equator, Northern and Southern Hemisphere and the Tropics. We will also look at the poles, meridians, time zones and how day and...

Year 6 are ‘growing their minds’!!

Throughout the school this term we have been exploring the power of positive thinking. In particular we have been looking at how having a 'growth mindset' can help us to learn more, become deep thinkers and in turn, achieve more.Year 6 have been researching quotes to...

Year 4 Visit to Segedunum

We have just had a super day visiting the Roman fort site at Segedunum. It was a very busy day full of fun activities which all helped us understand more about life in Roman Britain. We began the day with a workshop session teaching us how to become soldiers in the...

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