Year 1

Miss Temperley (Class teacher) Mrs Tote (Teaching Assistant)

My name is Miss Temperley and I am the class Teacher. I have worked at Clover Hill for 6 Years now, starting in Year 4 then moving to KS1, where I have taught for the last 3 Years.

This Year, I have been joined by our Teaching Assistant Mrs Tote who is new to Clover Hill and has thoroughly enjoyed getting to know our wonderful children.

Moving into from Reception is a huge step for the children but we strive to create an exciting, inclusive and broad curriculum for the children of Year 1.

We have so much to look forward to in Year 1 this year! Please feel free to catch me on the yard at anytime should you need to discuss anything.

Year 1 making tepees

We are looking at homes from around the world and decided to make our own tepees from South America. The real ones are made from animal skin and decorated. The Native Americans use tepees when they go hunting to sleep in!

KS1 environment day 2014: Y1 Activity 1

Conservation Area fun!! We've been leaf hunting and bug spotting in our conservation area. We saw ants, centipedes, spiders and ladybirds!! There were mole hills on the field, rabbit poo on the grass and Mrs Holden saw a grey squirrel last month munching on a piece of...

What’s the time Year One?!!

We've had a great morning, practising telling the time to the hour. Some of us even moved on to looking at half past the hour too!!! We made our own clock faces, positioned the numbers correctly, cut out the clock and fixed the short hand and long hand on with a split...

Year 1: Friday morning Gymnastics!

After a fantastic aerobic warm up to Olly Murs, Year 1 have been exploring different ways of travelling across a mat. This week we've looked at different ways of rolling! We have lots of fun!!

Year One Information – Autumn Term 2014

Welcome to Year One!  We hope you find the following information useful. Mrs Holden and Mrs Gamble are the Year 1 class teachers.  Mrs Gamble teaches Monday-Wednesday and Mrs Holden teaches Wednesday to Friday – with a thorough handover on a Wednesday.  Year 1 is...

Year One visits St. Mary’s Lighthouse

Year One had a fantastic day at St. Mary's Lighthouse!  The weather was very kind to us and we stayed dry while school was rather showery!  We climbed right to the top of the lighthouse where Sam, our guide told us about the importance of lighthouses in the past and...

Careers Week in Key Stage One

Year One and Year Two had a very interesting week last week where we were able to meet lots of special visitors who came in to talk to us about their jobs.  We heard about the different aspects of many jobs and we found out which parts were the best and which parts...

Delicious fruit salad!

As this half term's topic all about fruit and vegetables draws to a close Year One have designed and made their own delicious fruit salads!  We had lots of delicious fruit to choose from including apples, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, mango and pineapple to name...

Year One have more fun measuring capacity!

Year One have been having lots of fun measuring using standard measures.  We are becoming very accurate when measuring capacity in milliletres and litres.  Here are some more photographs to show you what we have been doing!    

Year One taste some rather unusual fruit!

Year One have been very busy in our topic work this half term!  This week we have been tasting unusual and tropical fruits such as dragon fruit, papaya, pomegranate and physalis!  We enjoyed lots of them and thought they were delicious but some of the fruits weren't...

Year 1 measuring in millilitres… Hocus Pocus Potions

This week in Numeracy, Year 1 have been learning how to measure using standard units. Each group invented and measured out their own 'magical potion' to give to Year 6.  These potions were designed to help Year 6 with their SATs. We made: -  the 'Concentration Potion'...

Working hard in gymnastics!

We have been having a very busy time in gymnastics which is on every Tuesday after school.  We have been having lots of fun learning about the importance of warming up and cooling down and about all the different shapes we can make with our bodies.  We have started...

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