Year 6

Class Teacher: Miss Robson

And so the final year at Clover Hill Primary School begins! This year will be packed with adventures such as our outward bound residential visit as well as learning those essential academic skills to equip our children for their future learning when they move on from Clover Hill.

This is my first year in Year 6 after 3 years of teaching in Year 5. Mrs Maynard works in Year 6 each morning providing us with valuable support with our basic skills. We both share the same passion and commitment to our children and school community.

I am excited about teaching this fabulous year group this year and, most importantly, guide the children through this exciting and challenging chapter of their education.

Our aim is to make Year 6 a wonderful, challenging and exciting time for our children. I’m sure they will embrace these challenges, responsibilities and privileges of being the oldest children in our school.

If you have any questions about your child’s education or need any advice, please do not hesitate to contact me or another member of the Upper KS2 Team.

Year 6


Working as a team to protect a target. Er

Night line – The revenge of Miss Robson

Today, we took part in an obstacle course - blindfolded. We were very apprehensive but we tried to communicate with each other to make our way around safely. Unfortunately, someone kept flicking water on us! Whoever could that have been?!

The Leap of Faith

Super proud of all of the children. Everyone attempted to climb the pole. To those children, this was a huge achievement as they are terrified of heights! To those who made it to the top and jumped, you were amazing and much braver than me!

Year 6’s Teddy Bears’ Picnic

If you had been in Year 6 today, you would have been in for a big for surprise that is for sure! We have had an epic twister tournament, we have pinned the heart on the bear, we have thrown our bears and went on a scavenger hunt! We have eaten lots of cakes, biscuits...

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