Year 6

Class Teacher: Miss Robson

And so the final year at Clover Hill Primary School begins! This year will be packed with adventures such as our outward bound residential visit as well as learning those essential academic skills to equip our children for their future learning when they move on from Clover Hill.

This is my first year in Year 6 after 3 years of teaching in Year 5. Mrs Maynard works in Year 6 each morning providing us with valuable support with our basic skills. We both share the same passion and commitment to our children and school community.

I am excited about teaching this fabulous year group this year and, most importantly, guide the children through this exciting and challenging chapter of their education.

Our aim is to make Year 6 a wonderful, challenging and exciting time for our children. I’m sure they will embrace these challenges, responsibilities and privileges of being the oldest children in our school.

If you have any questions about your child’s education or need any advice, please do not hesitate to contact me or another member of the Upper KS2 Team.

Year 6

Scientific Circuits and Problem Solving Galore

What an afternoon we have had in Year 6! Science investigations using problem solving and team work! We investigated what happened to the brightness of bulbs when you added additional cells and additional bulbs. We had to use problem solving and team work skills to...

Fitness Fun

We have had another Friday morning filled with fun ideas to keep fit. We warmed up with some circuits and then we worked as a team to complete our tasks: burpees, star jumps, high knees, planks and many more. There were lots of pink cheeks by the end of the session!

Year 6 Transition: ICT Skills – Super Spreadsheets

Today, we visited Whickham School and were introduced to Microsoft Excel. We learned about cells, highlighting and inputting data into those cells. We progressed on to making our own charts from our class data: our ages and how many and what type of pets we had. It...

Democracy at Work!!!

Today, the RotaKids democratically elected their President and Vice President. Our Year 6 pupils will be leading this year's RotaKids. Vice                       President President

From Tiny Acorns Mighty Oaks Grow

Today, the RotaKids started one of their projects for 2019. Mr Stroud from BRW Rotary Club and one of school's governors came to our meeting to donate some acorns to help us grow oak trees in our school grounds. The RotaKids plan on planting our acorns using the plant...

Year 6 Transition Afternoon

Dear Parents and Carers, Weather permitting, we will be walking down to Whickham School on Thursday 24th January for a transition afternoon. We will be leaving school after lunch and aiming to return for approximately 3.15. Children will need to have be wearing a...

Year 6’s Fitness Friday

Today, we had our first fitness session with Mark. He had lots of different activities to get our hearts bumping quickly. We all had to work as a team to collect the most beanbags and rings on our race around the hall. Then we had relay races but we weren't always...

Online Safety Session

This afternoon, Years 5 & 6 attended an Online Safety talk about the dangers that lurk online. It was stressed to the children that they should keep their personal data safe and should only talk to people online that they know in real life!

Year 5 & 6 Grease Visit

Dear Parents and Carers, On 11th February, Year 5 and Year 6 have been invited to the matinee showing of Grease at Whickham School. The movie Grease is a P.G and the stage show follows the story. If you have any queries or do not want your child to attend, please...

RotaKids 2019 – Lots of exciting projects ahead

The RotaKids had a very busy Autumn term. We have had our first meeting of 2019 and we have lots already planned for this year! Watch this space for any future announcements! Meet The RotaKids Year 6                                                 Year 5 Year 4      ...

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