Our Vision statement

‘At Clover Hill Primary School, we aim to embed the culture and enjoyment of sport and physical activity.We are passionate to ensure that all children have the knowledge, skills, determination and motivation to be physically and mentally healthy in the hope that it will lead to life-long participation in sport.’

60 minutes of exercise for ALL CHILDREN

The Chief Medical Officer guidelines recommend that ‘all children and young people aged 5 to 18 engage in at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day, of which 30 minutes should be in school

At Clover Hill we strive to ensure that all children take part in at least 30 minutes exercise per day.

  • All children receive 2 x 1 hour PE sessions weekly
  • Active playtimes
  • Lunch time staff provide and encourage participation in sports activities every lunch time such as, football, basketball, netball, hockey, rounders, skipping and playground games and run regular competitions alongside.
  • Recently we have introduced ‘The Daily Mile’ challenge where we are encouraging our children to run/walk/skip a mile a day around the school yard (10 laps). Please watch our video below



Clover Hill Sports Day – Summer 2013

Clover Hill Sports Day - what a success! Everyone had a fantastic time participating in a variety of Olympic Sports such as hockey, tennis, football, javelin, gymnastics, basketball and many more. Clover Hill Primary School is committed to continuing the Olympic...

Young Sports Achiever Awards 2013

Huge congratulations go to our Karate 'Black Belts' who received an award for their talents from the Major of Gateshead last night. Robyn, James and Charlie also met Alan Bell, better known as 'The Man who started every race on the Athletics Track at London 2012.' We...

Year 6 at Kingswood…. Abseiling Adventurers!!!

WE DID IT!!!!!  YAY!!! It was sooooo high, but, we did it, giving each other encouragement as we went over the top (which was the scariest bit of the whole thing really)!! Well done to everyone! Sadly, this will be my last post as tomorrow I hand over the reigns to Mr...

All in a morning’s work for …….. Year 6 at Kingswood!!

WOW!!!We had a great time last night... You should have seen the 'bottle rockets' we designed and made!!  Some of them were nearly launched into space - they went so high!!  One group's rocket - not mentioning any names - Louis, Thomas, Ben and Tom - wwhizzed into the...

Year 6 at Kingswood!!!

Year 6 arrived safely at Kingswood this morning, all excited and ready for our adventure.  Please keep logging onto our website each day to see what we've been up to! Our first challenge today was to make our own beds.  Let's just say we found this easier said than...

Clover Hill – Blaydon and District League ‘b’ Winners 2013

A huge ' well done' to our school football team who played a very tough game on Wednesday night.  The final of the 'B' league was hosted on our very own pitch and we had lots of support from our family and friends. The match was against Winlaton West Lane who played a...

Y2 get involved in new sports!

Over the last few weeks, Y2 have been developing their skills in Badminton. Week 1 - How to use a badminton racquet.       Week 2/3 - How to use a shuttlecock (serving and keeping a game going).   Week 4 - Badminton fun and games!     Thank you to our coach Martin for...

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